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Brigitte is the incarnation of french glamour: innocent and sultry at the same time. Her style is so modern it can still inspire us today how to dress like BB?

1. walk lightly

BB is the first one who wore ballerinas in the city. The result is a bouncing allure. So ladylike! If you want to wear ballet flats just like her, make sure they are not heavy looking (big sole, decorations, etc. are to be avoided).

2. Wear fresh prints

BB loves prints. She is remembered for Vichy but also wore little flowers (as in the above pants), stripes, dots, etc.

She even dared some pattern mix! remember that a single print spices up a simple outfit.

3. “Mess up” the pin-up beauty style

Eyeliner and updos are some of BB’s signatures : so pin-up of her! but always done in a messy way. Eyeliner is smudged and the hair are a bit unkempt.

A modern BB hairstyle would be the messy bun.

And a BB make-up would be greasy black khôl applied with the finger.

4. add little details

Classic outfit turned not so classic thanks to unbuttoned shirt, colorful scarf, big glasses in the hair and small rings (yes just like those that are trendy right now). and a cigarette ^^

Terry O’Neil, 1968

She makes a simple irish sweater more feminine with flower in long hair, little rings, make-up and… BB’ beauty of course.

5. Do not be too sophisticated

Brigitte is not a city girl, more of a French riviera girl, therefore she prefers natural fabrics and colors such as cotton, linen, straw, etc. and if your dress is sophisticated, go for unkempt hair

6. Some BB inspired outfits you could pull out

– On summer holidays

BB inspired summer outfit by dresslikeaparisian

– In the city

BB inspired city outfit by dresslikeaparisian

– At a dressed-up evening

Bardot inspired cocktail outfit by dresslikeaparisian

– during a sunny week-end

BB inspired week-end outfit by dresslikeaparisian

Hope you got inspired!

Cover collage: Terry O’Neill, 1964 and picture taken on the set of Viva Maria by Louis Malle in 1965

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