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Feeling a bit nostalgic? Well, this fashion flashback is sure to inspire great memories from the 1980s. From carry pads as well as frilly collars to sequins as well as angora, fashion styles of the 80s are making a comeback this autumn season. show your love for decades past by trying some of these five old-fashioned-made-modern autumn trends.

1. Metallic Fabrics as well as Accessories

During the 1980s, metallic was considered futuristic. Gold as well as silver were especially prominent hues, with the occasional copper, bronze, as well as vibrant colors mixed in. Today’s metallic pattern features a full range of colorful designs, including pinks, purples, blues, as well as greens. For a flashy daily look, opt for subtle pops of metallic, such as gold heels, a pink clutch, or a silver belt.

2. carry Pads

Bold shoulder pads were a typical sight in the 80s. powerful female characters on soap operas rocked carry pads in blazers as well as dresses, as well as the rest of us followed suit. The additional shape of the carry pad gives the illusion of broad shoulders, which in turn makes the rest of your body look smaller.

Shoulder pads are now popping up on runways as well as on lots of huge name celebs (Rihanna, for one). If you’re up to try this 80s-inspired, power look, begin with a long-sleeved jacket as well as keep the rest of the outfit simple.

3. Frilled Collars

Frilled garments have been on-again, off-again for decades. This girly look is ultra-feminine, however can likewise appear too-cutesy if not executed properly. To make this 80s look work in the 21st century, select to have the frilled collar as the main charm of the ensemble, as well as keep the rest of the outfit tame. Opt for neutral, solid colors with minimal patterns or textures. Black as well as white combinations work nicely with this trend.

4. Chunky Heels

Most women keep in mind the chunky heel pattern that was prominent throughout the 80s as well as into the 90s. Compared to the skinny stilettos of contemporary times, the eye-catching clunky footwear is at the opposite side of the spectrum. However, chunky heels do have their location this autumn season. pair your preferred pair of chunky heels with some skinny jeans as well as a form-fitting top to make the ensemble appear seamless as well as sophisticated.

5. Sequins

Sequins were when a sign of glamour as well as fabulousness. Today, as well much sparkle can make it look like you’re trying as well hard. radiate bright by choosing one post of garments or an accessory to bedazzle. Sequin embellishments on a trench coat or blazer can add additional pizzazz to your outerwear. Twinkling sequins likewise work well for accessories, such as handbags, clutches, as well as belts.

Are you glad to see 80s fashion making a comeback? Leave a comment as well as let us know!

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