Webinar: WIC Services in L.A. County: get It. spend It. keep It!

WIC is putting much more money in families’ pockets this summer. As part of the American Rescue Act of 2021, expecting women as well as each WIC participant 12 months as well as older will get an extra $35 each month for fruits as well as vegetables with September. That means a household with a expecting parent as well as two kids receives $105 monthly for fruits as well as vegetables, in addition to all their other WIC foods. as well as they’re encouraged to spend it all!

In this webinar, PHFE WIC‘s Outreach manager Pina Hernandez — joined by Irene Heath from South Los Angeles health and wellness Projects WIC as well as Claudia Ulloa from Northeast Valley health and wellness Corporation’s WIC — shares what you requirement to understand about this seasonal increase, including what you can do to assist make it permanent. She likewise covers other useful updates on WIC services.

(Slide presentations as well as related resources are offered below the video.)

LABBN hosted this webinar for personnel in L.A. County’s Family Strengthening Network on June 28, 2021.Please subscribe to LABestBabies on YouTube!


Video: Fruit as well as vegetable benefit boost
Summer 2021 Fruits as well as Vegetables benefit Increase 
WIC Farmers’ Market Program (including a listing of participating farmers’ markets in southern California)
PHFEWIC.org: WIC services by PHFE WIC
WICforYou.org: WIC services by South LA health and wellness Projects (Lundquist Institute)
NEVHC.org/wic: WIC services by Northeast Valley health and wellness Corporation

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