ORGANIZE YOUR KITCHEN, follow THESE 5 guidelines

vital guidelines to streamline your kitchen | photo by Naomi Hebert

Our guest today, Rivka Caroline, is a mother of 7 and a self confessed time- and space-management junkie living in Florida. Without a lot of time or space to spare, Rivka is obsessed with new ways to save both; she won’t stop blogging till mothers work smarter not harder and take the time to nurture themselves.

I asked her to share a few suggestions for getting my kitchen under control. And, of course, yours.

Time in the kitchen is seldom the Martha Stewart moment we envisioned. We are typically under a time crunch, marinating ourselves in doubt over the protein choices and organic indecision we all face. who has the time or strength for a kitchen makeover? follow these simple, timeless guidelines towards a calmer culinary experience.

The reality: lil helpers, messy food, clutter (by tempophage)

1. Location. Location. Location.
Yes, the laws of real Estate apply in the kitchen just as much as they do on Madison Avenue. evaluate the prime real estate and make sure you using your square footage wisely. The top dollar locations are those within easy reach, the lower rent goes to the cupboards and drawers out of reach and the very low-cost rent is for the spaces that you need a ladder to get to. relocation the essential items to a better location.

Often, we establish routines that have nothing to finish with efficiency. You might be going through a smoothie faze, so why are you climbing on the stool each morning to reach the blender on the 3rd shelf ? Evict the waffle maker from prime real estate and voila ”“ you save 3 minutes each morning. and besides, we all know that waffle makers ought to not be within easy reach.

2. put like With Like
Kitchens do well when they are set up in small work stations. depending on your family’s needs you might have any number of work stations, such as:

A hot drink station (tea, coffee, filters)

Snack station with non perishable snacks in transparent containers and Ziploc bags

Cookie station kitted out with supplies for basic cookie dough, cookie cutters and aprons.

Many of us have our kitchen set up with half-filled stations. check yourself the next time you work on a particular task to see how efficient that particular work station is.

Super tidy cookie cutters (photo by Amy McTigue)

3. put Dislike With Dislike… get it out of the kitchen
Kitchens are where we cook up nurturing food for our families, not where we hoard clutter. numerous of us have items we don’t like or use in our kitchens. how absurd. get rid of that clutter best away.

Not using the avocado wedger that you purchased at an exaggerated price when they first came out? send it to your aunt in Florida who eats avocados far much more frequently. Don’t use all 7 of the heavy iron cake tins? give some to pals and neighbors who will. You’ll stand a greater chance of getting a slice. [Heather note to self: I think she also implies that the piles of junk mail and light bulbs ought to find another home!]

4. Evolve
Your kitchen will develop as fast as your children’s needs (AKA fads, see guideline 3). Be creative and come up with a sensible storage place for them and develop as the fad ends and a new one begins. new ideas are always welcome, new clutter is not.

5. think before You Bulk
Many of us clog up important kitchen space with bulk items such as 8 packs of kitchen paper, enormous canisters of rice and big bags of snacks.

Firstly, for food items make sure you use those items and consider putting them in smaller containers. For the paper goods, think like a restaurant and keep one or two current items in the kitchen and have a storage space for the rest. next time you go shopping make sure you can imagine where the 12 pack of terra chips are going before you check out.

Way too much Tabasco (photo by pixelthing)

Thanks a heap to Rivka for sharing her guidance (for getting rid of our heaps!). want much more from Rivka? find her at, her blog by the same name, and twitter!

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